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swipe who are online & just 100 meters away

World Wide

-> swipe who are really online now -> who are just 100 meters away only -> where u can almost see each other with your eyes -> like Coffee Shop -> Restaurant -> Movie Theater -> Saloon -> Bus , Train , Flight -> but who are online & 100 meters away only -> we will never show your actual location when you are attracted to someone or having crush on each other on some one around you for such things all it takes is just 3seconds of No-blinking zone in your life time when you want to meet or know more about each other, which can just happen any where on earth like when you are at a coffee shop, important meeting , shopping or at a subway etc so keep moving around find your match , So this swipe club is exclusively designed to meet people only who cross path with you in real time upto 100 meters around you.. hey ,this club will not have any effect if you make any changes in distance so it will only find people around you upto 100meters , we are working to make it even better & precise.